Cognitive Behavioral Renewal: Our Model of Intervention, Change and Renewal

First of all the four Clarity Programs that make up Wilderness Renewal LLC are very unique in that they each have a metaphoric application strategy based on the wilderness location each client chooses. The common thread holding these vastly different locations and experiences in concert is that they promote intervention, change and renewal just simply by being what they are. And as our wilderness teams apply the designed triage of therapeutic concept and daily technique, incorporated with each client’s untapped critical thinking skills, clients embark on a path of self-discovery, self-actualization, and self-renewal.

In our model “change” is based on the idea that our thoughts drive our feelings and our behaviors, and if we change our own thinking, we change our feelings and behaviors as well. Unlike therapies which are by large measure open ended and often require years, or self-help groups that require acceptance and application of standards that may not resonate for a client, cognitive behavioral renewal (CBR) is individualized. It is focused on developing skills and strategies to help clients make themselves better on their own, using their untapped strengths and skills. No longer dependent on their therapist or the ritual of self-help programming, individuals find themselves on a path to self-sufficiency, fully capable of utilizing their new skills on their own.

CBR does not incorporate a strategy to tell a client how they are thinking or feeling, but rather encourages them to discover this for themselves, and improve themselves based on their own desire to change. The way we approach “thinking” at Wilderness Renewal is framed in the concept of clearing the mind through the beauty and excitement of wilderness trekking and allowing the patient to recognize the source of their difficulties and problems on their own. We do not suggest what each client’s problems may be, where the problems came from, or how they might resolve the problems. Through the course of the trek we encourage the concept of “Free Form Renewal” where clients come to their own conclusions, clearly seeing a point or turn of events that clearly marked changes in life circumstance, highlighted by self- defeating thinking and behaviors. As Free Form Renewal continues, client centered solutions for past, current, and recurring problems begin to gestate and develop texture. Implementation soon begins to form driven by awakened critical thinking skills. Implementation and regression prevention plans drawn by the client are then placed in daily post trek activity sheets specific to where, what time and with whom will these strategies be implemented. Trek personnel are selected by the client based on the bonding experience generated throughout the wilderness experience to follow up with regular communications and support.

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Recent Testimonials

"Seven Ponds was great, it changed my life. Doc was great, he let me figure it out and I did. My family is back together and we are very grateful."

Josh Daugherty,
May, 2013

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