Teen Depression Treatment

Statistics show that many Americans struggle with depression at some point in their lives, especially during their teenage years. Depression treatment centers have been created to respond to this issue, providing hope and healing for those who find themselves struggling with depression.

Depression is more than just sadness, as it extends more into the category of an illness, with measurable symptoms that interfere with one’s ability to function in some form or fashion. Statistics show that many Americans struggle with depression at some point in their lives, especially during their teenage years. Some numbers say that as many as 20% of teenagers have already struggled with some form of depression by the time they reach adulthood. Many of the adults who end up in Oklahoma family rehab centers struggled with depression as teenagers.

Depression in Oklahoma teens cannot be pinpointed to any one definitive cause, but rather a number of psychological, biological, and environmental risk factors that contribute to its development. General symptoms of depression in Oklahoma teens include remaining in a depressed and/or irritable mood for a continuous period of at least two weeks, coupled with at least five clinical signs and symptoms. In order to determine a proper diagnosis a depression, a health care professional, sometimes from a family rehab center in Oklahoma, will likely conduct an extensive medical interview, as well as physical examination, and ask standard mental health questions.

Treatment of depression in Oklahoma teens can include addressing any medical conditions that trigger or worsen the condition. Treatment can also include lifestyle adjustments, psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy and renewal. Medication for moderate to severe depression may also be prescribed. This medication often takes care of the problem for roughly 50% of teens, though it can take anywhere from one to six weeks.

In some cases, teens may also need to enter a short-term residential depression treatment center or program. This is a very serious and difficult decision, and should be made with the counsel of a medical professional with a history of teenage depression treatment. Clarity at Seven Ponds offers cognitive behavioral renewal treatment options for those over the age of 18. For those under the age of 18, an Internet search can provide references to depression treatment centers for Oklahoma teens, or the best drug rehabs in Texas. For Native Americans, there are also Indian Behavioral Treatment Centers in Oklahoma that may be a viable option.

Teen depression is a risk factor for developing numerous additional mental health symptoms and disorders. Remarkably, depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States in persons over the age of 5 years. In extreme cases, teen suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents between the ages of 10 and 24.

Teen depression is preventable in some cases. Prevention methods tend to address both specific and nonspecific risk factors, strengthen protective factors, and use an approach that is appropriate for the teen's developmental level. This approach is a little more age appropriate than the adult Indian Behavioral Treatment Centers in Oklahoma, and rivals that of the best drug rehabs in Texas.

If you are a friend or family member of a teenager who suffers from depression, it is advised that you encourage the depressed teen to receive a mental health evaluation and treatment, if necessary. In some cases, you may want to follow up with the person to ensure that they step toward this. It is very difficult to see someone you love suffer from depression, but fortunately treatment options are available; Oklahoma teens in family rehab centers do not have to suffer from depression alone.

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