Change your environment.

Change your life.


"Wilderness by its very existence promotes dreams, ideas, and new ways for us to seek out and define who we truly are. If we advance from our wilderness experiences and endeavor to live in a changed perspective, free of expectations and angst, we shall meet with uncommon knowing and renewal."


"Doc" Meredith
Founder of Wilderness Renewal
Trail of Tears
May, 2007


Deep into the southeastern part of Oklahoma and high into the northeastern part of Texas lies some of the most undisturbed wilderness in America. Often referred to as Texoma, these wilderness areas follow the legendary Trail of Tears which educates us as to the incredible struggles once faced by Native American Tribes as they were forced into reservations from all over the country. Clarity at Seven Ponds is a wilderness experience that explores this fascinating area from the anient rock formations of Atoka to the majestic stepping stone water of the Blue River.

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With the fabulous Moab, Utah as base camp, this wilderness experience incorporates Arches National Park, Canyon Lands National Park, Glen Canyon Recreation area, Fry Canyon, Dark Canyon, and the Natural Bridges as teachers and guides for those of us seeking clarity and change. Utilizing these natural wonders as a platform for creating new thought, exploring new belief systems, and generating the inspiration to drive toward self renewal, each of these canyons brings challenges and metaphors for the wilderness community that are penetrating and permenant.

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As the winter approaches Utah, many of our wilderness treks move south into the spectacular Mazatzal Mountains of south central Arizona. Know for its energy and raw eco systems, these mysterious mountains support the wilderness areas of the Tonto and Conconino National forests as well as the rugged pine covered high plains that flow eastward. Native tribes found this area to be sacred and developed food and medicine from plants only found growing in this vibrant land of non conformity and ancient wisdom. Treking southward from the mountains..

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Sailing the Caribbean Sea in a three masted 73 foot long sailing vessel, traveling from one uninhabited island to another with a crew of four, and 11 other wilderness community members is one of our great renewal offerings. Leaving the Florida coast four times a year for up to thirty days of renewal, these wilderness adventures teach precise travel using the stars as your map. The community works as a team to bring in a fresh catch of fish every day, plot our course with precision, and most of all sail our ship which represents a metaphor of our life.As with..

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